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Once you have made the decision to build your inground swimming pool, one of the first questions you have is, “How long will it take to build?” Naturally, you are eager to get your perfect pool open and start swimming!

There are a few factors that go into the construction project’s length of time:

Location and Weather

Your geographical location, along with the time of year and corresponding weather play a huge role in how long it will take for your pool to be built. It is very difficult to build when it is raining or snowing. Temperature fluctuations in early spring and late fall will also affect the completion date. Your builder will be able to give you the best estimate based on your specific location and the time of year that you’re building your pool during.


Every county has a different permitting process. Your builder will be able to tell you the typical time frame associated with your particular area. Thankfully, any good, local builder will be prepared and able to assist you with this paperwork so that you don’t have to worry about dealing with local offices. This is especially helpful if additional permitting is required for historical areas, areas near wetlands or other bodies of water, or when pipes or electrical lines have to be moved. Once your builder has assessed the site your swimming pool is going on, they will have a close estimate as to when the permitting will be finalized.

The Site

The site where your swimming pool is going greatly affects how long it will take to build it. In Asheville and the surrounding area, uneven terrain is all over. For those lucky enough to own property where they can build a pool on a mountainside with a breathtaking view, it can take longer to ensure engineering and structural integrity. Once again, builder knowledge is pivotal.


Your swimming pool design will have a large impact on your project timeline. The size and shape of the pool, water features such as waterfalls, detailed tile work, attached spas, specialty finishes, automated cleaners and covers, etc. all can add on time. It’s well worth it, however, to get the pool that best fits your vision and unique lifestyle. If your project is very large and you want to take the strain off of your budget, you can often break the construction into phases. This is another reason to make sure you have an experienced builder who is willing to work with you and give you guidance on a timeline based on your needs and his or her expertise.

So, how long will it take to build my swimming pool?

We suggest that you start with an expectation of around 60 days, minimum. If you want to open your pool in May, starting your project in late winter is recommended, particularly if you have a more artistic vision. Remember, the more qualified your builder, the more accurate they can predict construction timelines and provide you with your dream pool.

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