What is a Shotcrete Pool?

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One of the first important decisions a homeowner must make when building an inground swimming pool is which base material to use. The most popular are plaster, vinyl, and fiberglass. BlueTerra Pool Construction exclusively builds shotcrete plaster pools because it is highly durable, can be used to create a pool of practically any shape, and has the integrity to hold up in the mountainous region of western North Carolina.

Shotcrete (commonly referred to by the brand name “Gunite”) is a mixture of cement and sand that is sprayed onto contoured, supported surfaces used in building inground swimming pools and spas. This method is preferable over poured concrete because it is so strong and the construction team has great control over all aspects of the material.

A shotcrete pool also allows designers and homeowners to select from a variety of finishes, including texture and color. BlueTerra Pool Construction uses BlueTerra Pool Surfaces plaster finishes that come in marble, quartz, granite, and pebble. There are a vast array of colors to choose from with each type of finish, allowing you to coordinate their pool with the rest of their landscaping.

Additionally, shotcrete makes refinishing and remodeling pools easy and relatively cost-effective. The list of optional water feature possibilities are endless, including waterfalls, beach entries, specialty steps, custom spas, and more.

The beauty, versatility, and strength of a shotcrete pool make us stand by the product 100%. To talk to us about your dream pool, email or call us today!