At BlueTerra, we’re concrete experts. Poured concrete is the most effective material for building reliable retaining walls. Let us build yours.

Freeform and durable concrete retaining walls

The terrain across the Carolinas can sometimes be troublesome for the land around your home or business. Soil collapse can put your property in danger and cause a lot of physical damage. Other times, you just need to even out the hilly terrain around your property. A retaining wall can serve both purposes, and here at BlueTerra, we’re very experienced in building them.

Retaining walls can be made of several different materials, but we only focus on one – concrete. We’ve seen time and time again that building a concrete retaining wall vs. other materials results in a longer lasting final product that is also more flexible in the design process. Concrete can form to any shape you need it to, which is a great solution for some of the more difficult landscapes to build around.

Give us a call at BlueTerra today and we’ll design and build a brand new custom retaining wall for you. You can even be heavily involved in the design process. We mock up each one of our projects using a 3D modeling software that shows you exactly how your new wall will be built around your property.

“We were nothing short of completely blown away by Michael and the crew at BlueTerra. We gave him a budget, some loose parameters and what we got was amazing! Our expectations have been pleasingly surpassed. You will not regret your decision to hire BlueTerra Pools for your project. Simply nothing short of the best!”

Ready to get started?

Tell us a little bit more about your situation. We’ll come out to survey your area and begin to design the specifications for your retaining wall.