It could be time to resurface. We want to return your swimming pool to its former glory, and then some.

Our Process

On-Site Assessment

We’ll come to you so we can assess your current pool and talk about the design for your new plaster finish.

Plaster Removal

In order to put in new material, we have to tear out the old plaster that’s currently in the pool.

New Material

Out with the old and in the new. We’ll pour the new plaster and polish it up for a blemish-free finish.

QA & Fill

We’ll run through one final quality check and then fill the pool with water and the right chemicals.

“We were nothing short of completely blown away by Michael and the crew at BlueTerra. We gave him a budget, some loose parameters and what we got was amazing! Our expectations have been pleasingly surpassed. You will not regret your decision to hire BlueTerra Pools for your project. Simply nothing short of the best!”

Ready to get started?

Tell us a little bit more about your restoration project. We’ll work together to discuss the scope of your project, color & material preferences, and more.