Questions to Ask When Hiring a Pool Construction Company

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Building a pool is a major investment of your money and time, so it is critical that you hire the right pool construction company to build it. There are several things to consider before hiring a company:
  • Are they licensed and insured in North Carolina?
  • Do you know a friend or a colleague who used this company and can provide a good referral? Can the company provide you with several referrals?
  • How does the company treat you as a potential customer? Do they answer all your questions in a transparent manner and make sure you feel comfortable and valued?
  • How long have they been building pools?
  • Do they provide a clear, written estimate that includes all charges? Are there any hidden fees?
  • Does the company allow you to read a contract ahead of time?
  • Is the company in good standing with the local permit office, the N.C. Contractors Board, and the Better Business Bureau?
  • Does the company communicate frequently and in a timely manner?
BlueTerra Pool Construction prides itself on being the right pool construction company for you. Give us a call today to set up your free consultation so we can begin to build the pool that matches your unique lifestyle.