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Retaining Walls: DIY or Professional Install?

Retaining walls help prevent soil from becoming displaced (more on that here). They can be used to create flat areas in a sloping yard, to prevent soil from becoming part of the run-off during the [...]

When Should I Drain My Swimming Pool?

Pools require a lot of maintenance, but luckily, they do not need to be drained very often. However, there are a few circumstances in which it is necessary to completely or partially drain your pool. [...]

What is a Retaining Wall? And When You Need One

People are very good at looking past things that are irrelevant to them, and you have probably looked past a good many retaining walls in your time. Recently, something may have brought retaining walls to [...]

Grottos: A Unique Addition to Your Swimming Pool

People who are interested in spicing up their pool design may enjoy having a grotto. A pool grotto is usually considered to be a design feature that incorporates a waterfall over the top of a [...]

Swimming Pool Comparison Guide: Concrete vs. Fiberglass vs. Vinyl

Most swimming pools are made from concrete, fiberglass or vinyl. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Full disclosure: we focus on building inground concrete pools only, but we feel it’s important for you to [...]

Deck Draining Guidelines For Your Inground Pool

Inground pools require proper deck drainage in order to remain clean and prevent standing water. Proper drainage prevents excess debris from entering your pool and provides somewhere for splash and rain water to go. Whether [...]

Should I Replace My Inground Pool? When to Know It’s Time

Owning a pool is a big responsibility. One of the things that people sometimes don't think about is that the pool will need to be replaced after a while. The typical plastered inground pool requires [...]

Vacuum Options for Your Inground Pool

A pool filter keeps your water nice and clean, but it can't remove debris that winds up on the pool floor or stuck to the walls. This is where a vacuum cleaning system comes in. [...]

How to Treat and Remove Algae From Your Pool

Algae can form in any pool, and it can be extremely frustrating. Although it is not usually unsafe to swim in, no one wants to swim with algae. Prevention is the best option, but if [...]

Swimming Pool Covers: Which One Should You Get?

Pool covers have several different functions, ranging from protecting the pool in the winter to keeping children and pets safe around the water. There are several types of pool covers on the market, each with [...]